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The Daughter’s Dance

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King Herod’s wife, Herodias, hated John the Baptist. The desert-dwelling prophet had dared to call her an adulteress for leaving her husband Philip to marry his evil but wealthier brother. Now the wicked queen determined to use her influence over Herod to get even with John. First, she persuaded him to have John imprisoned. Then…

God Never Gives Up on Anyone

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Imagine a drug-dealing, mafia-connected thug — alone, frightened, friendless — rotting away in a prison cell for a multitude of crimes. It’s hard to see a lot of hope in that picture.Aren’t you glad then that God never gives up on anyone? Aren’t you thrilled He is able to radically change lives, wherever they are…

From Cult to Christian

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From Cult to Christian Lowell Hargreaves, an Amazing Facts evangelist, travelled to Budapest, Hungary, to call searching souls there to the Lord through a Revelation seminar. The following is the testimony of Akos Balogh and Anna Christina Pozderka as given by Ákos on the day of their baptism. My name is Akos Balogh and along…

Mad at God

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“I was mad at God,” Peggy confesses. “I felt that He had let me down.” Though she was baptized in 1986, Peggy had bounced around to different churches for years. Then when her family moved to Detroit, she despaired and became angry with God when her daughters got involved in destructive activities. She says, “I…

SDA Church ordains four pastors (May 5, 2014)

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The South West Ghana Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has ordained four new ministers of the gospel to help in church growth and evangelism. The four, Pastors Jehoshaphat Oduro, Charles Appiah-Kubi, Joshua Kaku and Nana Kofi Nimako, received the ordination blessing and commission from the world renowned Evangelist, Doctor Andrew Ewool of…

I Hated Adventists (Bildash of Eastern India)

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I hated Adventists. I was a member of another Protestant denomination, and I felt that there was no better religion than my own. But in spite of my hatred of Adventists, I decided to send my two daughters to an Adventist boarding school.  Although I didn’t like their religion, I knew that young people who studied…

Stay Close to Jesus (by Ellen G. White)

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Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. Ps. 73:23, 24.  {OHC 30.1} Before you engage in any important work, remember that Jesus is your counselor, and that it is your privilege to cast all your…

Tell your People what the Lord has done for you.

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Victor Amankwah, Gulfhaven church first elder, was born in Ghana and has a passion for sharing Christ with the people who live there. Houston/Gulfhaven » The following is an interview with Victor Amankwah (VA), first elder of the Gulfhaven church in Houston, Texas. Amankwah, born and reared in Ghana, West Africa, has an overwhelming passion…

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