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Jewish Africans

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AN AMAZING FACT: For as long as anyone can remember the Lemba tribe in Zimbabwe, South Africa has claimed to descend from Hebrew ancestors. The Lemba people look like regular Africans but have some very Jewish customs. For example they abstain from eating pork and other unclean foods. They are monotheistic, keep the Sabbath, and…

Hope Knocks on the Door

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The evening news blared from the television. The chaos, conflict, and human suffering on the screen paralleled the depressing details in Brandon Duke’s troubled life. As the outside world crumbled, Brandon found himself plunging into the lowest valley of his life. Divorced and desperately missing his two young daughters, Brandon tried to numb the pain…

The South Ghana Conference launches five-year Strategic Plan

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The South Ghana Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church on Saturday launched a five-year Strategic Plan for the advancement of the Conference. Pastor Dr. Chris Annan-Nunoo, President of the Conference, who launched the plan said it was aimed at growing and developing the welfare of members of the church. He said the plan entails…

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